Our Advertiser Terms & Conditions

Effective as of July 15, 2021

A division of ADDConsults.com

Welcome Advertisers! At GetADHDHelp.com, we aim to be the most comprehensive and user-friendly directory to our ADHD audience.

Our legal team has asked us to clearly spell out our Advertiser Terms and Conditions so that this process is completed with ease for both parties.

1. All listings will be reviewed and approved by our team and must be ADHD related. If your service or item seems to be outside the interests of our visitors, we will contact you for further explanation.

2. Categories — We strive to give our audience a wide variety of categories, but if you do not see your particular field listed, please notify us. We also have enabled it so that you may pick more than one category, but strongly suggest you list your main category first.

3. Basic Tier users will be allowed to list their name, address, phone number, email contact, and website address along with their category.

4. Premium Tier users will be allowed to list all of the above plus a picture or image, video link, accreditations, populations served, and brief description.

5. ADDConsults.com may use any information you provide within the listing to promote the directory and/or advertisers.

6. Any images used in your listing must be owned by yourself or company. Copyrighted images that do not belong to you may be rejected.

7. The use of any images from our site(s) used by you or your company must have written permission from ADDConsults.com. The exception to this would be images made available on the future affiliate page (this will be announced when launched).

8. Listing your advertisement in the directory should not be considered as an endorsement by ADDConsults.com, Terry Matlen, or GetADHDhelp.com.

9. Changes/edits to your listing may be made at any time (in fact, we encourage updating photos and information on a yearly basis). These changes will be subject to review.

10. All listings are automatically renewed on a yearly basis- you will be notified prior to your listing expiration. We ask that if you choose not to renew, to email us at support@addconsults.com.

11. If you wish to upgrade from the Basic Tier to Premium, you may do that at any time by contacting us at support@addconsults.com.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at ADDConsults.com.