Hi! I’m Terry Matlen, LMSW and I’ve been helping people with ADHD for over 25 years. The most common question I get asked is “How do I find ADHD help near me?” You’ve come to the right place!

Welcome to a comprehensive, global and easy-to-use directory of ADHD resources where you can find ADHD help for adults and children. Let’s get started!

Enter your town, city, state/province, country and also zipcode/postal code; set the distance radius (in miles); select the ADHD category and age group you’re interested in, and click SEARCH.

The radius search bar will search up to 1500 miles just move the bar over to the desired mileage from your location.

How to Search
This directory is meant to be the most user- friendly way to search for a provider and/or service that you are looking for.
The ways to search are:
1) Put your location in, choose your category, and set your mileage radius (this directory has up to a 1,500 mile search range). This will bring up providers closest to your location. Keep in mind that many of the providers, i.e ADHD coaches, work remotely, so you may not need to search by location- in which case you’d simply do one of the following:
2) View all Providers – While this gives you a chance to see all of our listings, it can be overwhelming for some.
3) View by Category – This choice will let you hone into exactly what you need.
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